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Lunatone is an electronic manufacturer with a specific focus on new technologies and advanced developments.

Our goal is to provide our costumers with excellent technical solutions and advanced developments, to do so we rely on our competent and innovative employees, with year-long experience in industrial electronics as well as various experts, including the Vienna University of Technology.

The foundation of Lunatone’s leading technical solutions is competent information technology, power electronics circuit, system design, mechanical engineering and software development. Even complex tasks set by our costumers are solved and completed on time.



  • 10.2012Annex – The Extension of our production site in Bulgaria is ready to be used.
  • 10.2012Laser cut – Our new Laser cut equipment is able to cut and engrave diverse materials.
  • 10.2012Prototyping – From now on we are able to simulate and test synthetic materials in an even earlier stage of our product development.
  • 08.2011Formation of a subsidiary in Bulgaria