DALI Cockpit

Comfortable software tool for DALI-system configuration and DALI-line traffic monitoring.

DALI-Cockpit features:

  • Configuration of Lunatone DALI compontents 
  • Configuration of Standard DALI ballasts and Control Gears
  • Addressing DALI-systems
  • Group Building
  • Scene Generation
  • Monitoring and Recording DALI-line traffic
  • Sending DALI-commands manually

Current Release: V1.29.0

DALI Cockpit

DALI Finder

DALIFinder is a convenient mapping tool to simplify the process of assigning DALI-addresses of multiple luminaries to their spacial location.


  • current version of the DALI-Cockpit application
  • multiple luminaries in a functioning DALI-Circuit



APP Store: DALI Finder

Google Play: DALI Finder


DALI Finder